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  • 12% Fantasy
  • 11% Comedy
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  • 10% Action
  • 9% Horror
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Favorite Series
Powers (2015)
You have to get past the underwhelming quality of the first few episodes. This has turned out to be a very good show. Has a Syfy feel, but in a good way. Some of the acting/characters can be kind of cheesy, but the storyline is very good and will soon have you very intrigued. You can't come into this show expecting top notch quality of Marvel/DC and such. Just keep watching. :)
Is anybody else as in love with Super Girl as much as I am? I absolutely love how much fun this show is and all of the wonderful characters as well.
The Strain
I will be absolutely heart-broken should this show ever get cancelled. I love this version of vampire because it is far more terrifying than any other vampire I've ever seen. This show captures the very essence that makes vampires creatures of the night. And the storyline is one that is ancient and rich with tales to be told as the show progresses. Get past the first episode, which drags it's feet a little, and you will quickly become captivated.
The Flash
I love that this show takes the characters in directions that don't exactly follow the comic book storylines. Wonderful actors playing all of these dynamic characters only adds fuel to the excitement! And intertwining this show in with Arrow is just beyond badass!
The Big Bang Theory
This show has the most lovable, yet annoying characters I've ever seen. I always have to watch so I can get my does of Sheldon Cooper!
Ash vs Evil Dead
This show is everything you love about Evil Dead/Army of Darkness and then plenty more!...Yes Ash is much older and out of shape, but these things only enrich the character we know and love!
Love this show! Hope it sticks around.

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